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The Differences Between Our Fabrics

February 26, 2020

What Is the Best Fabric for Me?

Are you looking for fitted couch covers or easy slipcovers for other pieces of upholstered furniture? Obviously, you should buy this product from a reputable manufacturer, for instance, our Paulato by Gaico furniture cover, to ensure its high quality.

100% cotton furniture covers are not a good choice since they are likely to lose their shape after the very first wash. Read this article if you wish to find out which material you should choose for your piece of furniture.

Mille Righe Collection

Our Mille Righe Collection includes recliner slipcovers, love seat slipcovers, washable sectional covers, and other items that are made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. They are breathable and tear-resistant.


  • The material of the fabrics is slightly heavier than the one used in other collections. It is a perfect choice for people who prefer durable and sturdy fabrics;
  • The texture and colors of this fabric will surely add a cozy look to the furniture and pleasant atmosphere to the whole room;
  • The high quality of bi-elastic fabric ensures excellent stretchability and superior protection from dust, fur, and dirt;
  • Thanks to the versatility of this fabric, the covers from this collection have become our TOP 3 bestsellers. It is also suitable for leather furniture, and it fits without moving or shifting.


  • The main disadvantage is that house pets might leave loose stitches with their claws because the fabric is 60% cotton. Besides, it is not so soft as other collections.

Microfibra Collection

Microfiber slipcovers can be called a pearl among other collections. Microfiber is very thin and pleasant to touch while also durable. Slipcovers for oversized chair or other pieces of furniture made from microfiber look amazing!


  • Being 100% polyester, this fabric shows excellent durability and washability. It has a water repellent effect. Any liquid spilled can be wiped right off if you do it immediately;
  • This collection offers some of the most stylish and diverse colors. If you are looking for fashionable and trendy covers, try yellow, blue, vanilla, cappuccino, white, and other colors;
  • This fabric is suitable for pets that do not like to hide claws as no loose stitches will appear on it. Moreover, your pet might even lose all the interest for scratching as the claws will not penetrate through the fabric;
  • It is a number 1 bestseller because of its versatility, advantages, and pleasant-to-touch material. Besides, it is hypoallergenic.


  • This fabric is lighter if compared with other collections, and it might slide on leather furniture. However, a set of specialized cardboards that prevent slipping is included in your order.

Velvet Collection

If you are looking for luxury slipcovers, consider those made of velvet. Velvet slipcovers can withstand lots of wear and create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.


  • The 100% polyester fabric ensures high durability and supreme quality;
  • The fabric comes in a variety of colors and reveals iridescence, creating the atmosphere of luxury and chic;
  • It has a water repellent effect, which allows wiping the liquid right after it was spilled;
  • This collection is perfect for pet owners as the fabric is hard to be scratched with claws.


  • The price is slightly higher for this high-quality fabric;
  • It might slide on leather couches and other furniture. To solve this problem, the anti-sliding cardboards can be used.

JACQUARD 3D Collection

Items from this collection are made from 60% cotton, 35% polyester, and 5% elastane. They will protect your furniture from wear and tear, spills, and other issues.


  • The blend includes three materials, which makes the fabric durable and high-quality;
  • The unique design offers a 3D pattern that can be felt by touch. The fabric is heavy and thick, which creates a cozy atmosphere;
  • Due to the water-repelling effect, you can quickly wipe any spilled liquid right off;
  • The fabric is eco-friendly and hypoallergenic.


  • Unfortunately, this fabric is not waterproof. It is also available in one color only. Besides, it is less stretchy than other models. However, you can provide precise dimensions, and our managers will help you choose the perfectly fitting cover.

All of those collections include high-quality and durable items that can be easily washed and require no ironing. All of them are hypoallergenic and kids-friendly, while velvet and microfiber are the best choices for people with pets. This means that whatever you choose, you will get a product that will serve you for many years if properly maintained.

The variety of colors, fabric blends, functionality, and price range will pleasantly surprise everyone. The quality is supreme, which makes each model equally amazing. With Mamma Mia Covers, you will find a perfect slipcover just for you!


Sofa 3 Seater Slipcover, Microfibra Collection Sofa 3 Seater Slipcover, Microfibra Collection
Price from C$219.99 Old price C$315.00
Armchair Slipcover, Microfibra Collection Armchair Slipcover, Microfibra Collection
Price from C$151.99 Old price C$220.00
Corner Sectional Slipcover, Microfibra Collection Corner Sectional Slipcover, Microfibra Collection
Price from C$369.99 Old price C$530.00
Sofa 3 Seater Slipcover, Velvet Collection Sofa 3 Seater Slipcover, Velvet Collection
Price from C$247.99 Old price C$355.00
L-Shaped Sofa Slipcover (Right Chase), Microfibra Collection L-Shaped Sofa Slipcover (Right Chase), Microfibra Collection
Price from C$294.99 Old price C$425.00
Corner Sectional Slipcover, Mille Righe Collection Corner Sectional Slipcover, Mille Righe Collection
Price from C$369.99 Old price C$530.00