How to Pick the Perfect Sectional Sofa and Avoid Headaches Later

How to Pick the Perfect Sectional Sofa and Avoid Headaches Later

June 18, 2020
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Finding the best sectional sofa for your home is not an easy task because of the wide range of models available. The history of sectional sofas dates back to the Victorian era. Nowadays, such sofas are still incredibly popular thanks to their versatility and great looks. A carefully picked sectional sofa can become a centerpiece of any room and even an outside area.

When thinking about sectional sofas, many people imagine huge L-sectional couch covers. While some sofas and their covers might look tasteless, the majority of modern pieces are excellent. Being a complex sofa consisting of various pieces, it unleashes imagination and opens new decorating possibilities. This kind of furniture fits any room comfortably and suits any style of décor. In this article, we will discuss how to choose the most suitable sectional sofa for your room.

Choosing Sectional Sofas and Perfect Covers for Sectionals

To find the best option for your interior, all you need to do is follow these simple tips:

  1. Construct a sectional sofa in accordance with your own needs.

A sectional sofa can actually consist of quite a few elements. Many people do not even know about all the pieces that go into a single sofa. Many sectionals found across stores are easily customizable to suit each customer. Here are the pieces you might want to add to your sectional sofa:

  • Sofa – this is the main part, which usually consists of three cushions for seats and a back. It can come with arms on each side, on one side, or armless;
  • Loveseat – this is essentially a sofa, but with two cushions. By looking at the name, you can already guess that this piece of furniture is meant just for two people;
  • Recliners – these are comfortable seats, which you can put near your sofa. Their backs can be adjusted so that you could relax. They usually come with arms for additional comfort;
  • Chairs – these pieces are the same as recliners, except for the reclining part. Their backs are not adjustable;
  • Corner – this piece is a must-have if you want to place your sectional sofa in a corner. Corner sectionals are great for a smaller room, as they allow utilizing your space to the fullest;
  • Chaise – perfect for those who want to stretch their legs on a couch without putting them on a table or somewhere else. This is a long piece of furniture placed on either end of a sofa. Because this is the end part, it has only one arm;
  • Ottomans – these are extremely convenient and comfortable pieces. They can work as coffee tables, additional seats for guests, and even as a storage place. Often ottomans have some room for storage inside. You can put bed linen or children’s toys in there.

  1. Select the Best Sectional Slip Cover for Your Sofa

One of the best additions to your sectional sofa and all its pieces is a high-quality slipcover. There are many advantages to using a sectional corner sofa cover. Such covers increase the durability of your furniture and allow for easy styling without buying new sofas. Easily washable sectional covers will ensure that your furniture will remain clean and fresh at all times.

Here are some of the benefits of using slipcovers:

  • Easy cleaning – even a sofa corner cover can be removed quickly and cleaned in a washing machine. No more stains and pet hair will bother you;
  • Stylish choices – a properly picked color and material can change the feel of the whole room. Modern covers are produced in a variety of colors, textures, and materials;
  • Cost-effectiveness – any furniture wears out eventually, and replacing a slipcover is much cheaper than buying a new sofa.