Armchair Slipcovers
Armchair Slipcovers
Armchair Slipcover, Microfibra Collection Armchair Slipcover, Microfibra Collection
Price from C$124.99 Old price C$245.00
Blue Blue Burgundy Burgundy Dark Chocolate Dark Chocolate Dark Grey Dark Grey Cream Cream More
Armchair Slipcover, Velvet Collection Armchair Slipcover, Velvet Collection
Price from C$144.99 Old price C$260.00
Blue Blue Burgundy Burgundy Brown Brown Grey Grey Ivory Ivory More
Armchair  Slipcover, Jacquard 3D Collection Armchair Slipcover, Jacquard 3D Collection
Price from C$139.99 Old price C$260.00
Beige Arabesco Beige Arabesco Beige Vento Beige Vento Grey Arabesco Grey Arabesco Brown Arabesco Brown Arabesco Beige Artistico Beige Artistico More
Armchair Slipcover, Mille Righe Collection Armchair Slipcover, Mille Righe Collection
Price from C$139.99 Old price C$260.00
Brown Brown Camel Camel Dark Grey Dark Grey Blue Blue Platinum Platinum More
Armchair Slipcovers. Fitting Armchair 24”- 43” wide. PLEASE MEASURE BEFORE PURCHASING.

Armchair Slipcovers

Have you ever wondered how to protect recently bought furniture from damage? Or, perhaps, you are searching for a way to give your favorite yet quite worn-out armchair a fresh look. Whatever your reasons for purchasing slipcovers for armchair are, you won’t regret making this investment! A decent cover for your chair will shield it from all kinds of damage and prolong your furniture’s life for years. 

What Is a Slipcover?

White armchair interior
White armchair interior

A slipcover refers to a piece of fabric that you should wrap over your furniture. The choice of such products isn’t limited to dining armchair slipcovers; in fact, you can find a cover for any type of soft furniture. Their main purpose is to protect chairs, sofas, and pillows from various negative impacts. However, it isn’t the only way to utilize these covers. Some house owners use slipcovers armchairs to update the design of their dwellings without inputting much funds. Slipcovers for small armchairs are also quite affordable, meaning that you’ll be able to swap them every once in a while.


Top Reasons to Use Slipcovers for Armchairs

There are numerous advantages to using slipcovers. Here are some of the most popular reasons to use protective covers:


  • They help preserve your furniture. If you own a valuable, antique chair, keeping it away from sun rays is essential. Besides, you don’t want kids to spill chocolate milk on it either. Armchairs are constantly in use; so, there’s always a possibility of damaging them. Slipcovers armchair resolve this problem once and for all. They are made of dense fabric, which won’t let any dust, dirt, or sun rays harm your furniture.
  • They allow you to redesign the whole space. Even a slipcover for small armchair can give a pleasant update to the room’s appearance. With protective covers, you can experiment with designs and colors since purchasing a cover is much cheaper than changing the furniture itself.
  • They don’t involve much expenditure. Top-quality small armchair slipcovers won’t cost you more than 150 dollars, while decent chairs are worth much more than that. Hence, even if your cover gets scratched or damaged in any other way, purchasing a new one won’t be a significant problem.
  • They are easily washable. Forget about vacuuming your chair once and for all! Slipcovers can be removed and washed in a machine, meaning that the furniture will always stay clean. Decent covers can go through hundreds of washings without losing shape and color.

How to Choose a Perfect Armchair Slipcover?

Start with measuring your furniture since the cover should fit it perfectly. Mind that a small armchair slipcover can fit slightly larger furniture since fabric used in its production is very stretchable. Once you’re done with the measurements, consider the color and design of a new cover. Even though their affordable price leaves some space for experiment, slipcovers should align with your preferences in interior design. The choice is commonly between bright and colorful patterns or calm, monotone solutions.

The Best Place to Buy a Slipcover for Armchair

If you’re looking for products of the highest quality on the market, consider checking out what Mamma Mia Covers has to offer. The company’s products are manufactured in Italy, which guarantees the utmost level of attention to detail and European quality. The producer itself, GA.I.CO., has been successfully operating in the textile business for over 40 years. All materials used in Mamma Mia’s covers are 100% hypoallergenic, which makes them a perfect solution for households with children or domestic animals.

What are the care instructions for my the chair covers? Mamma Mia Slipcovers are machine washable in cold water. Wash separately at gentle cycle. Do not bleach. Low heat, tumble dry. Do not dry-clean. Do not iron. Care instructions can be found on product tags and towards the bottom of individual product pages.
What if my armchair is different shape than on the picture? Each type of our slipcovers is one size fits most. However, please follow measuring guide in the photo section of each listing for your reference. If you're still not sure and have questions, feel free to reach out at support.
Will this chair slipcover fit my IKEA armchair? Sure, our slipcovers fit most of the Ikea armchairs, including the most popular models: Stockholm, Ektorp, Kivik, Karlstad, Nockeby, etc.
How do I choose the right model for my chair? You can start by choosing the color you want. And compare the shades on our website. You can also find detailed description of each fabric on our website.