Chaise Lounge Slipcovers

Chaise Lounge Slipcovers. Fitting Chaise Lounge 32”- 48” wide. PLEASE MEASURE BEFORE PURCHASING.
Chaise Lounge Slipcovers

We always eventually get attached to our chaise lounge chairs — perhaps due to the comfort we get from them. A good chaise lounge can transform your indoor or outdoor space into the perfect relaxation spot for when you want to sprawl, think, or read.

But there’s a catch: they get old, accumulate germs, dust, and stains, or simply fail to complement your new decor. No worries, though. You can always take care of all these problems with the right chaise lounge slipcover. It will not only protect your chair but also add to the comfort and beauty around you, among many other benefits.

Why You Need a Chaise Lounge Slipcover: A Ton of Benefits

  1. Protect your furniture: cleaning your chair might not be so easy. Yet this does not prevent accidents such as spilling drinks and food or scratches from pets. Let’s not forget the sweat and dust too. Do we have to insist on the role of slipcovers for a chaise lounge in preventing such circumstances?
  2. Instant makeover: feeling like remodeling your indoor or outdoor space? You don’t have to replace everything. At least not the comfortable chair you’ve grown so attached to. Simply get a slipcover for your chaise lounge.
  3. Cut on Costs: a slipcover chaise lounge is much cheaper than a new one, even when the comfort remains the same or sometimes painfully goes away with your old chair.
  4. More Comfort: the original fabric on your chair eventually wears out and becomes frayed and uncomfortable. Covering it with a stylish chaise lounge slipcover, however, will restore your favorite chair’s original relaxing feel.
  5. Ease of Maintenance: cleaning furniture is not always easy, but a chaise lounge chair slipcover can change all that instantly, especially if it is machine washable.
  6. Show your creativity: if you consider a slipcover for your chaise lounge, why not go on and get the perfect design, material, and color that blends with the rest of your upholstery? This is an opportunity to do something creative and fun with your space.

Why Choose Mamma Mia’s Slipcovers?

A slipcover for chaise lounge chairs is worthless if it can’t provide the benefits mentioned above. Mamma Mia’s outdoor and indoor chaise lounge slipcovers go beyond the basic functionalities to provide:

  •  A 100% hypoallergenic fabric that’s super soft and eco-friendly, complete with a patent. It gives you a safe way of making your old chair safe and comfortable again as well as preserving your new one from deteriorating quickly.
  • A perfect fit for a wide range of chair dimensions. The patented stretch bi-elastic fabric used on your chaise lounge chair slipcover fits any chair between the sizes of 24” and 43” wide. You only have to measure yours before placing an order.
  • Protection for your furniture. This will allow your kids and pets to play freely without worrying about wear and tear.
  • A straightforward and secure installation. It features a design that’s easy to install alongside anti-slip cardboards for preventing your cover from sliding off. The result is a slipcover that stays put for as long as you let it.
  • Sanitized fabric. Why stop at dust, stains, and wear and tear? With antimicrobial-treated fabric, you can also resist the accumulation of germs, mold, and dust mites.
  • Machine washable fabric. This saves a lot of time and energy on cleaning the fabric. It is ideal to use cold water on a gentle cycle.
  • Shipment from the manufacturer. No brokers, no phony business. You get your shipment straight from the manufacturer's warehouse. That way, there’s the certainty that you are getting the real deal, as promised!