Ottoman Slipcovers

Slip Covers for Ottomans: A Comprehensive Guide

Ottoman chairs and couches are pieces of furniture with a soft head and absent back, mainly used as footstools. This leads to a significant issue – ottomans are extremely difficult to keep clean. Some of them have non-removable covers, while others are covered with fabrics that can’t be machine-washed. How to resolve this problem? Purchase an ottoman slipcover and forget about dirt on your favorite pouf!

Ottoman Slipcovers

What’s an Ottoman Cover?

Slipcovers for ottoman chairs are pieces of fabric covering the furniture to protect it from any damage. A decent footstool slipcover can also give a brand-new look to the seating, providing you with a simple way to modify your interior without spending much money. Slipcovers ottoman pieces are wrapped into are easy to put on or remove. They can be machine-washed and don’t cause allergies in humans and domestic animals. Utilizing slipcovers for chairs and ottomans is a smart way to protect your furniture from dirt, fur, scratches, or dust, which can be especially convenient in a home with pets and children. Ottoman slipcovers come in an array of shapes, materials, and sizes, so it’s not a problem to find a solution for any piece of furniture. If you need a large slipcover for an oversized chair and ottoman, one can be designed and manufactured to tailor your specific requirements. 

Why Use Covers for Ottomans?

  • Speaking of the prices on slipcovers, ottoman ”clothing” is quite affordable. If you’re not looking for an oversized chair and ottoman slipcover with a custom design, the product won’t cost you much. An average rectangular ottoman slipcover will last for years and go through hundreds of washes before losing its color and shape while being worth no more than 100 dollars.
  • They help extend the life of your furniture. If your ottoman is a valuable, antique piece, you’d probably want to protect it with a stool slipcover. Ottomans slipcovers will preserve your footstool in a perfect condition through the years.
  • They allow you to redesign your interior with ease. While a simple square ottoman cover may not seem like a significant change, it can still provide you with a nice touch of color and bring new life to the long-familiar interior. Considering the low price of square ottoman covers, they seem to be a perfect solution for small upgrades.

Choosing the Best Slipcover for Your Ottoman

Covers for ottomans, whether square or round ones, need to satisfy a number of criteria to ensure that they meet your requirements perfectly. An ottoman cover (square, rectangular, or round one) must be of proper size. Even though a decent ottoman slipcover rectangle is quite stretchable, it needs to fit your furniture to guarantee maximum convenience. This refers to slipcovers for round ottomans as well, so make sure to measure your couch before purchasing a cover. When it comes to choosing the best ottoman slipcovers, both rectangle or round-shaped solutions must suit your design preferences. Although covers for benches are reasonably priced, you won’t change them every other day. So, make sure to choose the color and material of your new square/round ottoman slipcover carefully.

The Best Place to Purchase a Cover for Ottoman 

If you’re looking for a perfect rectangle ottoman slipcover, consider reaching Mamma Mia Covers. The company has a long record of successful performance in the furniture apparel market. Mamma Mia’s products are manufactured in Italy, which helps guarantee the utmost attention to detail and outstanding quality. The company’s slipcovers are completely hypoallergenic, as they are produced using a combination of natural materials and eco-friendly polyester. Finally, Mamma Mia provides complimentary shipping over the territory of the continental US. 

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