Microfibra Collection

FAQ Microfibra Collection
How is this fabric different from the others? Is it waterproof? Microfibra fabric is 100% polyester. It is very light. It shows excellent durability and washability. It is not waterproof. Though it shows water repellent effect: any liquid spilled can be wiped right off if you do it immediately.
Does this fabric slip around more than the Velvet one? Since this fabric is lighter if compared with other collections, it might slide on leather furniture. However, a set of specialized cardboards that prevent slipping is included in your order.
Will this cover protect my couch from my cat clawing? This fabric is pet friendly and will protect your couch. Moreover, your pet might even lose interest for scratching as the fabric is designed to bounce back and the claws will not penetrate through the fabric.
How do I order the Microfibra cover and how much is it? The price of the cover depends on the size and the model of your piece. You can start by deciding which model would work best with your furniture and check the price in the product description. All Slipcovers can be ordered on our website .