Corner Sectional Slipcovers
Corner Sectional Slipcover, Microfibra Collection Corner Sectional Slipcover, Microfibra Collection
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Corner Sectional Slipcover, Microfibra Printed Collection Corner Sectional Slipcover, Microfibra Printed Collection
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Corner Sectional Slipcover, Mille Righe Collection Corner Sectional Slipcover, Mille Righe Collection
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Corner Sectional Slipcover, Velvet Collection Corner Sectional Slipcover, Velvet Collection
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Corner Sectional Slipcover, Fuco Velvet Collection Corner Sectional Slipcover, Fuco Velvet Collection
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Corner Sectional Slipcovers

Even a neglected corner comes alive with a cozy sofa, transforming it into a place for conversations, relaxation, and entertainment. However, as the heart of the living space, it's also more likely to be exposed to accidents of any kind, such as sudden spilled drinks, careless food streaks, and muddy pet paw prints (no matter how adorable they are!). While such mishaps are inevitable, you can minimize the damage with a corner couch cover. Besides their practical purpose, the 3 piece corner sectional couch covers add a stylish touch, bringing fresh color and texture to the interior.

Reasons to invest in corner sectional slipcovers

Keeping your seating protected saves money in the long run by eliminating the need to reupholster or replace furniture. Even tiny pet scratches tend to accumulate, damaging the upholstery and giving your sofa a worn-out appearance. The same goes for spilled drinks, which can result in permanent stains. By investing in a corner sofa slipcover, you prevent the development of such imperfections as well as hide existing ones.

But the reasons to buy sectional couch covers don't end there. In a snap, you can update your sofa's appearance, whether you want it to match the room's color scheme or make a bold statement with a new color. If visual appeal is your main concern, opting for a furniture slipcover is an easy and quick solution to beautify your furniture.

New interior appeal with a corner sectional couch cover

Bring instant refreshment to your cherished home with furniture covers. You can find them in a wide range of colors at Mamma Mia Covers and be sure of the fabrics' quality! They serve not only as a protective layer for your seats but also as a stylish solution to giving your furniture a new, freshly upholstered look. From traditional to modern settings, you're sure to find the one that perfectly complements your interior, be it classic black and white, vibrant, or neutral.

Imagine that your sofa has a wardrobe of its own! With a collection of corner sectional couch covers, you can transform your sofa’s look according to the season, special occasions, or simply when the previous cover needs washing. Additionally, consider matching throw pillow covers to tie the entire space together, creating a cohesive and layered aesthetic. This will cozy up your seating area and make the room even more inviting.

What makes Mamma Mia Covers stand out

With so many L shaped couch covers on the market, finding the perfect one can cause a lot of doubts. Will it fit? Won't it irritate the skin? Does it need to be cleaned in a special way? Mamma Mia Covers cuts through all the potential confusion with features you'll love:

  • Unique fabric technology. No more wrestling with a slipcover! Our covers are manufactured of premium bi-elastic Italian fabric that stretches up to 120%. That means a smooth, quick, and stress-free installation without breaking a sweat.
  • Universal size. Crafted with a one-size-fits-all approach, our corner couch covers are compatible with most furniture brands, guaranteeing seamless coverage within their fitting range. So you don’t have to search for one made specifically for your sofa model.
  • Stunning designs. Tired of the outdated pattern on your upholstery? Give it an Insta-worthy makeover with our stunning corner sectional couch covers! From calming neutrals to bold brights and even intriguing designs, you can give your sofa an entirely new appearance in no time.
  • Hypoallergenic materialBeyond looking great and protecting furniture, slipcovers from Mamma Mia Covers are also gentle on everyone! Made of hypoallergenic materials, they're suitable for all skin types. Our covers are suitable and totally safe for households with children and pets, ensuring that even the smallest ones are comfortable and happy!
  • Easy to care for & maintainSlipcovers from Mamma Mia Covers don't require special treatment. Just machine wash them separately on a gentle cycle, hang to dry, and voila! A fresh, clean cover ready to use. As long as you skip bleaching, ironing, tumble drying, and dry cleaning, your slipcover will stay vibrant and in shape for up to 120 washes.

Finding the ideal slipcover for your sectional couch

Choosing the corner sectional slipcover can feel overwhelming. Price, quality, visual aspect, origin, fitting range – all play an important role in decision-making. Whatever is crucial to you, make sure you consider these key factors:

  • Overall appeal. Take your home setting into account when selecting a furniture cover. It should complement the style of your living space without overpowering it or looking out of place. Fortunately, Mamma Mia Covers offers a variety of corner couch covers in different colors and fabrics. You're sure to find the perfect one to match your taste and enhance your interior!
  • Quality. The most common mistake that leads people to give up on furniture covers is opting for cheaper options. They fray, tear easily, and worst of all, constantly slip out of place, revealing what's underneath. Forget that frustration! Slipcovers from Mamma Mia Covers boast premium Italian fabric – stretchy, durable, and stylish. No more compromises, just top-notch slipcovers that stay securely in place and look amazing.
  • Special features. Everyone has different concerns when it comes to protecting furniture. Maybe you worry about drink spills or claw marks from your furry friends. Perhaps you have sensitive skin and need something super soft or want your corner couch cover to be made of 100% organic material. Regardless of your request, Mamma Mia Covers has a slipcover solution for you!

Ensuring the perfect fit by measuring your sectional sofa

Want your slipcovered corner sectional to look flawless? Prevent any awkward gaps or exposed fabric by taking a quick measurement of your sofa's back from one armrest to the other. Keep in mind that our slipcovers are designed to fit sectionals perfectly, with a range of widths from 135" to 208". Equally important, the armrest of your sofa should be lower than the back and no wider than 10". This way, the corner couch cover will conform to your furniture like a second skin, giving it a fresh look and a soft feel that no one can resist. 

Don't rush to end your shopping journey if your corner sofa measurements are a bit outside the fitting range. Our slipcovers are crafted with some stretch for a snug fit, so it might still work! Feel free to reach out to our expert customer service team with photos and measurements of your furniture piece. We are happy to help confirm if a slipcover will fit or suggest the perfect alternative.

Buying corner sectional slipcovers from Mamma Mia Covers

Looking for a corner sofa cover in Canada? Browse through a selection of high-quality slipcovers on our website! From stylish colors to cozy textures, we've got something to spruce up your home and protect your furniture. Join the Mamma Mia Covers family by placing your order today and get your purchase delivered in just 3-9 business days. It's your lucky day if you're from Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, or Alberta – make your purchase and enjoy completely free shipping on orders over CAD 99