Pillow Slipcovers
Pillow Slipcovers
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Pillow Slipcovers. Fitting Pillow 18”×18”. PLEASE MEASURE BEFORE PURCHASING.

Pillow Slipcovers

Buying slipcovers for pillows brings a lot of benefits. First, your cushions will be protected. Second, you’re refreshing the home without large investments in new furniture. Third, you prolong the life of your pillows.

Slipcovers can change with seasons, bringing a budget-friendly upgrade to your apartment every three months. You can change the design to fit the mood perfectly. There are lots of reasons for buying pillow slipcovers. With ours, you will enjoy the benefits of using the best fabric available.

Here, you'll find slipcovers fitting 18"x18" pillows in different colors to fit your furniture. They are made from polyester, pleasant to touch, and durable! To check which colors are available and other necessary information about the product, just click on the product.

Reasons for Buying Slipcovers for Pillows

If you’re not sure whether or not your cushions need new slipcovers, look if any of the following reasons resonate with you:

  • You will add a new comfort dimension to your pillows.
    It is certain that your pillows are already soft. Why not give them a delicate touch to the skin also? Everybody enjoys the contact with soft fabric. Good slipcovers can add extra comfort to your pillows.
  • You’ll protect the couch pillows.
    If you have pets, children, or eat on the couch, buying a set of slipcovers can help you protect the cushions. In the future, this will save you a lot of money. Make sure the materials have water/dust/etc. resistant qualities if protection is your main goal.
  • You’ll prolong the life of your furniture. 
    Your pillows will serve for a much longer time if covered properly. And changing the slipcovers once every season will make sure your room isn’t boring, so there won’t be a reason to buy a new one.

It’s important to find out why you want to buy couch pillow slipcovers. Your decision will influence the color of the set.

Pillow Slipcovers: The Best Material

While there are different materials that are used for slipcovers, we have chosen to use polyester. The reasons for this selection are described below.

We’re specializing in polyester slipcovers. 

Polyester can be as soft as silk. Hence, this is the ideal material for pillow slipcovers. They reduce friction with your skin, which translates into soft touch to your skin. Additionally, polyester is a non-absorbent fabric. It will not retain moisture, sweat, and other materials that can be sources of stains.

If you’re looking for protection and don’t want to clean the covers too often, opt for a darker color palette. But if you’re looking for a more refreshing look, opt for brighter colors. The best recommendations for the choice are your room design and the environment you want to achieve. If the room is filled with light, bright colors will add to the cheerful environment. You should opt for darker tones for more formal environments.

A Slipcover for Pillows: Measurement and Fits

Measuring your cushions prior to buying a cover is essential. Our slipcovers are offered in a single size. Hence, you must ensure they suit your pillows perfectly. One should never underestimate the proper fit of the slipcover. The right size can make even an old cushion look like you’ve just bought it. On the other hand, the wrong size may just not fit or make the pillow look uneven and old.

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If there are any questions as to the range of pillow slipcovers, their size, or the ordering process, please, contact us. On your bottom right, there's a button you can use for a quick reply. We’ll resolve any issue and answer any question as soon as possible!