Modify your IKEA Angby 3 Seater Sofa with our handmade sofa covers. They are made from stretchy Italian fabric and will protect your furniture from tear. It's an easy way to give a fresh and stylish look to an old or even a new sofa. 


WIDTH: 76.8''

DEPTH: 32.7''

HEIGHT: 26.8''

Here is a selection of covers that match your ANGBY 3 SEATER SOFA
Sofa 3 Seater Slipcover, Jacquard 3D Collection Sofa 3 Seater Slipcover, Jacquard 3D Collection
Price from C$259.99 Old price C$370.00
Sofa 3 Seater Slipcover, Microfibra Collection Sofa 3 Seater Slipcover, Microfibra Collection
Price from C$229.99 Old price C$330.00
Sofa 3 Seater Slipcover, Microfibra Printed Collection Sofa 3 Seater Slipcover, Microfibra Printed Collection
Price from C$179.99 Old price C$345.00
Sofa 3 Seater Slipcover, Mille Righe Collection Sofa 3 Seater Slipcover, Mille Righe Collection
Price from C$154.99 Old price C$345.00
Sofa 3 Seater Slipcover, Velvet Collection Sofa 3 Seater Slipcover, Velvet Collection
Price from C$189.99 Old price C$370.00
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Installing a slipcover is a game-changing decision. Not only does it keep upholstery clean from pet fur, drink spills, and food messes, but it also protects the sofa from direct sun rays that can lead to fading of the original fabric. Luckily, you are in the right place. At Mamma Mia Covers, you can find covers for most types of furniture, including Angby 3 seater sofa slipcovers. To ensure that IKEA Angby 3 seater sofa covers perfectly meet your needs and will fit into your home just right, scroll down to find out more. We have gathered all the information you need, from the selection process to care recommendations, to help you feel confident in your choice.

The main benefits of using IKEA Angby 3 seater sofa covers

Certainly, protecting furniture from dirt and wear is reason enough to buy IKEA sofa slipcovers. However, Angby 3 seater couch covers have much more to offer. Here are the main advantages we want to draw your attention to:

  • Unique technology. Our slipcovers are made from bi-elastic material, allowing them to stretch up to 120% of their size. This makes the installation process easy and ensures a seamless and wrinkle-free fit.
  • Stunning designs. We recognize that the aesthetic aspect is as important as practicality. That is why our covers come in various colors and designs, allowing you to select the one that will be a perfect match for a room in any style.
  • Hypoallergenic materials. All covers that we offer at Mamma Mia Covers use 100% hypoallergenic materials that do not cause skin irritation or allergic reactions.
  • Easy to care for & maintain. It takes minimal effort to keep slipcovers from Mamma Mia Covers clean, as they are machine washable and do not require special care.

How to select Angby 3 seater couch covers?

It is always up to you to decide which 3 seater couch covers to choose. Yet, there are still some recommendations to follow. First, measure your furniture and check if it falls within the size range of IKEA Angby 3 seater sofa covers. Once you have taken the measurements, proceed to select the color and design that you prefer. Angby 3 seater sofa slipcovers from Mamma Mia Covers have proven to be suitable for various modern interiors. We offer neutral color options that seamlessly blend in, as well as vibrant ones that make a statement and stand out. With several pieces, you can experiment and switch them up according to the season and special occasions. 

How to install Angby 3 seater couch covers

Installing Angby 3 seater sofa covers is as easy and quick as it can be. In fact, it takes no more than a couple of minutes to get it done. First, unfold the slipcover and locate the tag sewn on the edge of it. Begin by covering the couch using the side of the cover with the tag, starting from the top and moving down to the bottom, from one armrest to the other. Finish by tucking the excess fabric into the grooves and securing it using the provided anti-slip cardboard inserts. This will ensure that the Angby 3 seater couch covers stay in place while preserving a neat appearance. For additional guidance, be sure to watch the video instruction provided on the product page to double-check that you do everything correctly.

How to care for your Angby 3 seater sofa slipcovers

All of our covers, including Angby 3 seater sofa slipcovers, are low-maintenance in terms of cleaning. A gentle cycle machine wash is enough to make them sparkling clean. Please remember to wash the covers separately from each other and clothes. Once machine washed, let Angby 3-seater couch covers air dry by hanging them on a line until they are ready to be used again. No additional steps such as tumble-drying, dry cleaning, ironing, or bleaching are required. In fact, these actions can potentially damage the fabric.

Premium Angby 3 seater sofa slipcovers from Mamma Mia Covers

If you're looking for Angby 3 seater couch covers that will fit your piece of furniture like a glove, Mamma Mia Covers is the perfect destination. Our extensive selection of sofa slipcovers offers a wide range of colors and designs, guaranteeing you'll find the perfect match. Additionally, on our website, you can find feedback from our customers, providing real home examples of how our slipcovers look in different settings. After placing an order, select your preferred form of payment. We accept all major payment methods and offer free delivery for orders over $99 within the contiguous USA. Thank you for choosing us, and enjoy your shopping!

Will it cover the back of the sofa?

Yes, our slipcovers provide full coverage, including the back of the furniture, as long as it falls within the fitting range. However, since each piece of furniture is unique, we encourage our customers to share a photo and provide measurements to our support team. This will allow us to offer personalized guidance to help you choose the slipcover that fits best.

Can I use more than one discount code at checkout?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use more than one discount code per order. In case you have multiple codes, please choose the one that suits you best.

When can I expect my order to be shipped?

It usually takes 2-5 business days to process and ship orders. If you prefer faster delivery, we offer express shipping for an extra charge. Once your order has been dispatched, you will receive an email with a tracking number.

What should I do if I receive the wrong product or the wrong size?

If you have received a product or size that you did not order, please reach out to us at, so that we can resolve the issue.