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Give your furniture the care it deserves! Our curated selection of premium CB2 ottoman covers offers both indoor and outdoor options, safeguarding your furniture from everyday mishaps to the harshest weather conditions. From refreshing your decor to protecting your prized furniture, Mamma Mia offers the perfect choice of CB2 pouf covers to keep your furniture looking fabulous for years to come.

Why Should You Choose CB2 Ottoman Slipcovers?

Finding the perfect CB2 furniture cover is all about meeting your particular needs and matching your furniture. Here is what to take into account:

Type of Fabric and Functionality:

  • Protection: Looking to protect your piece of furniture from daily wear, energetic pets, or unexpected spills? Mamma Mia Covers provides a range of fabrics designed for durable protection.
  • Revamping the Look: Want to refresh a worn-out ottoman or pouf? Check out 7 chic collections, each featuring distinct textures and colors. Discover the perfect line to enhance your home’s decor.
  • All-in-One Solution: Perhaps you desire both protection and a stylish upgrade. The advantage of Mamma Mia covers is their versatility. Select a collection that combines durability with exceptional aesthetics.

Fit for Any Form:

One size doesn't always fit all, but this time it does! All items are crafted from dual-stretch fabric, allowing for a stretchability of up to 120%. This provides a snug hug on various ottoman shapes, whether it has a curvy base, wide armrests, or a slim profile.


Microfibra: The most popular collection is crafted from 100% soft and lightweight polyester. It offers durability, washability, and water repellency, and protects furniture from pet scratches.

Velvet: Indulge in a luxurious collection made from 100% soft polyester, featuring a plush texture for ultimate comfort. Strong and washable fabric features a water-repellent effect which makes it great for busy environments.

Fuco Cotton: Made from organic cotton that is pleasant to touch, breathable, and hypoallergenic. Additionally, it also repels water and shields against dust and dirt.

Fuco Velvet: An opulent collection crafted entirely from polyester blends the plushness of velvet with the functionality of microfiber. It offers durability and protective qualities while exuding an elegant charm. 

Malle Righe: A proven choice for leather furniture because it is thick and weighty, made from a blend of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. The breathable material protects well from everyday dirt. It is hypoallergenic, but not recommended for homes with pets.

Jacquard 3D: A timeless collection with modern flair, crafted from a blend of cotton (mostly), polyester, and elastane. It boasts durability, water-repellent properties, and hypoallergenic benefits.

Microfibra Printed: Like the Microfibra line, but with expressive earthy prints, this collection is made of premium polyester. It makes it durable, washable, and water-repellent as well as protects furniture from damage caused by pets.

Mamma Mia Covers provides a great variety of options for the CB2 ottoman cover, offering everything from essential protection to a stylish transformation that suits your unique needs perfectly.

Maximizing the Life of Your Mamma Mia CB2 Ottoman Cover: Easy Care Hacks

Ensuring your CB2 ottoman slipcover maintains its vibrant look and extends its lifespan doesn't have to be complicated. Follow these expert tips to keep it a beautiful addition to your room for years down the line.

Regular Upkeep:

  • Dust Mitigation: Keep your CB2 pouf cover looking its best by regularly using a lint roller or a soft vacuum attachment to tackle dust and surface buildup.

Periodic Deep Cleaning:

  • Machine Wash with Care: For a deeper clean, ottoman slipcovers are washing machine-friendly. To keep the colors looking their best, use a gentle cycle and a mild detergent designed for delicate materials. Don’t choose a hot water mode while washing.

The Best Way to Dry Things Out:

  • Tend to Line Drying: To avoid shrinkage and support the cover's tailored fit, refrain from using a tumble dryer. For the best results, we suggest line drying. Hang it in a shaded area with good ventilation to help it dry quickly and maintain good quality.

Additional Tips for Extended Longevity of your CB2 ottoman cover:

  • Prompt Spill Response: Act fast on spills. Blot the affected area with a clean, damp cloth to absorb the liquid. Remember, keep harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners far away from your slipcover, as they can damage the fabric.
  • Shape Restoration: After washing and drying, gently shake the cover to give it back its original shape.
  • Rotation for Balanced Wear: For those with multiple ottomans, rotate the item periodically. This practice distributes wear and tear evenly, ensuring all your furniture pieces have the extended life provided by Mamma Mia.

By following these professional recommendations, you can ensure your CB2 ottoman cover remains a visually appealing and functional asset to your space for years.

How to Order the Perfect CB2 Footstool Cover?

Ready to breathe new life into your CB2 footstool at an amazing price? Look no further than Mamma Mia, serving customers across the US and Canada. We offer a wide selection of stylish and functional covers designed to perfectly fit your CB2 footstool, all at prices that will not break the bank.

Finding Your Perfect Match:

Here, on Mamma Mia Covers website you can browse through the wide selection of CB2 furniture covers to buy. You can find a variety of materials, shades, and styles to suit any taste and home interior. By using the filters on our website you can narrow down your search based on your specific needs.

Heading to Checking Out:

The perfect match for your CB2 footstool is found? Nice! Now, proceed to add the product to the cart and check out. Our secure shopping system makes these processes smooth and safe.

Any Help Needed?

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So why wait? Transform your CB2 footstool today with a stylish and protective cover from Mamma Mia, at an amazing price!