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Give your beloved Crate & Barrel ottomans and poufs an unexpected makeover. Whether your furniture feels a little past its prime or you simply want a fresh look, Mamma Mia offers a stylish and affordable solution. 

Crafted from high-quality materials, any Crate & Barrel ottoman cover will protect your furniture while injecting a pop of personality into your space. From classic solids to playful patterns, we have a Crate & Barrel pouf cover to match any decor.

So ditch the drab and embrace the fab!

Level Up Your Furniture: How to Make the Best Pick of a Crate & Barrel Ottoman Cover?

Choosing the right slipcover for your Crate & Barrel pouf is not just about aesthetics. Here at Mamma Mia Covers, we understand that functionality is key. To find your ideal match, consider these factors:

1. Fabric Finesse:

We offer 7 distinct collections, each boasting unique benefits to elevate your Crate & Barrel furniture style and functionality. Explore our detailed guide for a deeper dive into each fabric's properties. Here is a quick overview to inspire your design vision:

  • Have a busy schedule, pets, or kids? Our Microfibra and Fuco Cotton collections are your lifesavers. These durable, stain-resistant fabrics withstand daily wear and tear with ease, ensuring your pouf maintains its fresh look for longer.
  • Seeking a timeless touch? Look no further than our Velvet and Fuco Velvet collections. These soft, plush fabrics give a sense of comfort, transforming your ottoman into a luxurious accent point. The surprising durability ensures your piece of furniture maintains its elegance for a long time.
  • Want to get noticed? Explore the Microfibra Printed collection and its variety of patterns. This easy-care fabric provides your home with a touch of individuality while creating a modern and classy pouf. No more sacrificing design for practicality.
  • Craving a bit of refinement? The Mille Righe collection, with its beautiful striped pattern, offers a timeless elegance that complements any decor. For designing an eye-catching ottoman, the Jacquard3D collection offers a unique three-dimensional effect, creating a conversation piece that becomes a focal point in any room.

2. Crate & Barrel Pouf Cover Your Needs:

We have a variety of options to meet all your needs, whether it is protecting your furniture, hiding imperfections, or simply refreshing the look.

  • Invest in protection: All the collections offer a shield against spills and wear, keeping it looking its best for years. They extend the lifespan of your furniture and prevent fading and discoloration. Think of it as an extension of your furniture's lifespan, saving you money in the long run.
  • Revamp your home space: Breathe new life into a place with a lovely color or a trendy pattern from our diverse collections. Redesign your ottoman, transforming it into an item that represents the overall interior style.
  • Conceal imperfections: Say goodbye to faded upholstery or minor rips. Our furniture covers offer a flawless refresh, effectively concealing any imperfections for a renewed pouf.
  • The mix of all functions: Many of our collections combine functionality with style while matching your decor and reflecting your preferences. So get the chic look and protection you aim for in one item.

3. The Stretch Factor:

No need to stress about perfect measurements. The innovative bi-elastic fabric stretches up to 120%, ensuring a snug fit on various pouf and ottoman shapes within our size range. Whether they have a curvy back, wide armrests, or a slim profile, Mamma Mia has you covered (literally).

Keeping Your Crate & Barrel Ottoman Cover Fresh: Effortless Maintenance for Lasting Beauty

No need for complicated cleaning routines. With just a few easy tips, your cover can stay fresh and vibrant for years:

  • Regular Dust Busters: For everyday cleaning, use a lint roller or a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery tool to pick up dust, pet fur, and other dry debris.
  • Gentle Refresh: For extra-careful washing, use a gentle cycle for your Crate & Barrel ottoman slipcover. Opt for cold water settings and a mild detergent to avoid any color bleeding or shrinkage.
  • Air Dry is Key: To preserve the elasticity and structure, we highly recommend air drying only. Skip the dryer and let your cover line dry completely before putting it back on your ottoman. This will ensure it maintains its perfect fit and still has a lovely look.

Find Your Perfect Fit: How to Order Your Crate & Barrel Footstool Cover

Ready to redesign your Crate & Barrel pouf? The shopping process is simple and hassle-free.

  1. 1. Browse Our Collections: Head over to our website and discover a range of ottoman covers we offer. With 7 unique fabric collections and a variety of colors and patterns, you will surely find the ultimate fit for your decor and budget.
  2. 2. Add to Cart: Once you have discovered your dream Crate & Barrel ottoman slipcover, select your desired size and click the button to add it to your cart. Do not forget to check out all the collections while you are there.
  3. 3. Checkout & Relax: Proceed to checkout and finalize your order. We ensure secure payment options for your inner peace.

You are offered fair prices and sales. Orders of more than $99 surely get free shipping in the USA and Canada.

Looking for a Helping Hand?

We understand that choosing the right size and understanding measurement instructions sometimes might feel tricky. No worries! Our friendly Mamma Mia support team is here to assist you. They can answer any questions you might have about sizing, get you through our measurement guide, or explain our shipping and return policy in more detail. Simply reach out to us at +1 (855) 708-0280 or visit our comprehensive FAQ page.

We would like to make your experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. So go on, buy your perfect cover, and get ready to refresh into your beloved Crate & Barrel footstool.

In Conclusion

Elevate your Crate & Barrel ottoman with Mamma Mia Covers. Discover endless style options, superior protection, and effortless care. Visit us today and transform your furniture into a statement piece.