Modify your IKEA Norsborg 3 Seater Sofa with our handmade sofa covers. They are made from stretchy Italian fabric and will protect your furniture from tear. It's an easy way to give a fresh and stylish look to an old or even a new sofa.


WIDTH: 83.9''

DEPTH: 34.6''

HEIGHT: 33.5''

Here is a selection of covers that match your NORSBORG 3 SEATER SOFA
Sofa 3 Seater Slipcover, Jacquard 3D Collection Sofa 3 Seater Slipcover, Jacquard 3D Collection
Price from C$259.99
Sofa 3 Seater Slipcover, Microfibra Collection Sofa 3 Seater Slipcover, Microfibra Collection
Price from C$229.99
Sofa 3 Seater Slipcover, Mille Righe Collection Sofa 3 Seater Slipcover, Mille Righe Collection
Price from C$239.99
Sofa 3 Seater Slipcover, Velvet Collection Sofa 3 Seater Slipcover, Velvet Collection
Price from C$259.99
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Let your couch serve longer and preserve its original condition with the Norsborg 3 seater sofa cover! There is no need to tiptoe around your favorite resting spot. Dirt, accidental spills, and stains will no longer be a problem. Enjoy quality time with loved ones without any fuss while giving your room a stylish look.

Secure the fabric of your couch and don't give up on the fun using the easy-to-slip IKEA Norsborg 3 seater sofa cover, which comes in various designs. Quality, beauty, and practicality are guaranteed!

Main benefits of IKEA Norsborg 3 seater sofa slipcovers

The Norsborg 3 seater sofa cover is something you can always count on when it comes to protecting your upholstered furniture, but its benefits don't end there — in fact, they only begin:

  • Your sofa stays safe. With IKEA Norsborg 3 seater sofa cover, you no longer need to worry about dirt, stains, or accidental spills. The cover can be easily taken off and washed, making it the perfect choice for pet owners and parents.
  • It is budget-friendly. Rather than purchasing new furniture, you can simply replace the couch cover when it becomes worn out. Buy multiple pieces so that you can switch them up according to your preferences and occasions.
  • One size fits all. Our sofa slipcovers are made of quality bi-elastic fabric that allows them to stretch up to 120% of their original size. It makes them a versatile option that fits different couch types and models.
  • Hypoallergenic material. At Mamma Mia Covers, the health of our customers is a top priority. That's why all of our slipcovers are made of 100% hypoallergenic materials that do not cause skin irritation or allergic reactions.

How to choose Norsborg 3 seater couch cover

When considering slipcovers, it's not only the Norsborg 3 seat sofa dimensions that need to be taken into account. We recommend paying attention to the following factors:

  • Overall style. To ensure that a couch cover complements the room's look, match it to existing decor and personal taste. Whether your room is modern, minimalist, or traditional, it's important to choose a cover that enhances the overall style rather than overwhelms it.
  • Color scheme. Our slipcovers come in a wide range of colors to satisfy customers' tastes and preferences. You can choose from neutral shades like white, beige, brown, and grey, or opt for bolder ones such as red, blue, green, pink, and yellow.
  • Fabrics. At Mamma Mia Covers, you can find IKEA Norsborg 3 seater sofa slipcovers in various fabrics, including velvet, jacquard, and microfiber. The microfiber options are available in both monochrome and printed versions.
  • Sofa measurements. Measure your piece of furniture before placing an order to ensure a perfect slipcover fit. Also, check out if the armrests are even in height and lower than the back to get a picture-like result.

How to install Norsborg 3 seater sofa cover on your couch

Installing the Norsborg 3 seater sofa cover is even easier than putting a bedspread inside a duvet cover! Don't believe us? Follow our short guide. First, find the tag and start covering your couch from the back seat. When it is completely hidden, smooth the cover down along both armrests to the bottom. Tuck the excess fabric into the grooves and use anti-slip cardboard to ensure it doesn't come out. Voila! As simple as that, your beloved sofa now gets a brand-new look with minimal effort and will last even longer.

How to care for your Norsborg slipcover

The good news is that our 3 seater couch covers don't require much time or effort to take care of. Simply remove the slipcover from the sofa and wash it in cold water (no more than 30 C / 105 F) in the washing machine. It is recommended to run the slipcovers separately in a delicate cycle with mild detergent.

To ensure that your Norsborg 3 seater couch cover lasts a long time, remember the rule of four DON'TS: don't bleach, tumble dry, dry-clean, or iron them, as these can damage the fabric. Instead, use the classic line-drying method, which also prevents shrinking. Once your slipcover is completely dry, put it back on the sofa.

How to buy IKEA Norsborg 3 seater sofa cover on our website

Have you found your ideal IKEA Norsborg 3 seater sofa cover? Our team is thrilled to inform you that we offer free shipping for orders over $99 within the contiguous USA. You can expect delivery within 5 working days after purchase. To ensure a more confident shopping experience, we also provide a 30-day return policy. Still not sure if IKEA sofa slipcovers are worth it? Feel free to check out the reviews from our customers who have already elevated their interior design with Mamma Mia Covers. So can you! Protect your furniture from accidents and let your home exude style and beauty!