Pottery Barn Covers

Customize Your Pottery Barn Soft Furniture

Here, you can find a wide range of Pottery Barn slipcovers for sofa beds and sofas. We have slipcovers for Pottery Barn corner sofas, Pottery Barn armchairs, and footstools. Covers for chaise and armless sofas are available as well.

Slipcovers Pottery Barn Will Make Your Furniture Beautiful While Protecting It

The slipcovers are made from softstretch microfiber or cotton blend fabric. Velvet, jacquard, and folded effectsare available in cotton blend fabrics.

Mama Mia slipcovers from Pottery Barn are presentedin a wide range of neutral hues as well as in some bold colors. They allow for restylingyour room in minutes. All fabrics and shades are in line with modern trends,and they make each piece of soft furniture stylish and elegant.

Easy to Fit and Maintain

Practical slipcovers Pottery Barn-sized slide easily on and off furniture. They can bechanged in seconds. Besides, you can wash them in a washing machine withoutironing afterward. The fabrics are pet-friendly and hard to be scratched withclaws. Pottery Barnslipcovers stay in place and don’t lose shape with time thanks to high-qualityelastane.

The manufacturer has patented a technologythat allows the fabric to stretch in two dimensions and also makes it softerbut thicker to touch.

Thanks to this, Pottery Barn chaisemodels like Harper or New Port could be covered neatly while underlining thebeauty of the furniture shape and protecting the upholstery.

New Look to Your Place in Seconds

Pottery Barn slipcover sofas mayhave a used fabric hidden from a view. You might prefer to use pottery barn slipcoverbecause the sofa is still good, but you have no time to refurbish it. It isalso possible that the color of the sofa’s fabric doesn’t match the room. Slipcover pottery barnalso might be used to elegantly protect your new sofa when, for example, kidswatch a film and eat chocolates or a friend with a pet stays over. The collectionincludes cushions covers in corresponding fabrics that slipcovers Pottery Barn sofa might bedecorated with.

Save the Surface Your Family Is in Contact with Every Day

All slipcovers for sofas Pottery Barn are made fromhypoallergenic materials and guaranteed by global safety standards with Oeko-Tex100 certificate.

Pottery Barn sofa slipcovershave a neutral PH, which makes them have antibacterial properties and be pet- and kids-friendly.

Hand-Made in Italy

Every stage of production, startingfrom the moment when fabric arrives at the factory in Bergamo in the North of Italy, is carefully supervised. Theregion has strong fabric traditions, and the business has been running since1965, aiming to make slipcovers both trendy and high-quality.

Give Your Sofaa New Life with Pottery BarnSlipcovers for Sofas!


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